Many less hits than access log rows?

  • Mike Wolffs
    Mike Wolffs

    I have an awstats instance processing rows from an apache server front ending
    a web service. Awstats is showing a vastly lower number of page views/hits
    than access log entries. There are no skips / onlys defined in the awstats
    conf for the site. It is set up very generically How else would Awstats be
    consolidating or eliminating access log entries when calculaing hits?

    For example a log that has 153,000 + log row entries. I see all the rows being
    processed and accepted in the output of the AWStats run. For the day, the
    output is showing 2100 page views / hits (the number is identical for both).

    What am I missing?

  • Timothy Wall
    Timothy Wall

    I'm seeing the same thing. My log file reads 15k total hits for a given URL
    path (.php), with 11k unique IPs. AWStats reports only 4(!) views for that

    How might AWStats be consolidating the multiple entries?

    I also have no skips/onlys defined. The only thing I've customized from the
    stock debian package install is the log file name, site domain, and setting
    DNSLookup=0 (so it will finish in a reasonable time).

  • Nathan

    I'm having a similar issue with 7.0 (build 1.971). The number of visits in the
    overall stats has dropped to near zero while all other stats have remained
    constant, which should mean the number of visits should be far greater than
    what it is. I can review the log and latest visitors to see that the number
    should be in the many hundreds, but only registers 10 or so.

  • Mike Wolffs
    Mike Wolffs

    It may be seeing the hits as coming from a robot. That's how I solved my
    problem. I turned off the robot sensing, and my hits started coming through.