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Pages not found - wierd pages showing up

  • A corporate client of mine has a number of 404 errors showing for pages and images that are clearly not hosted on our site. IE - images and pages from a gay porn site with a similar name.

    Why would these missing images and pages be showing on our awstats for a different site, VERY different content etc etc?

    • Hi Jean Luc. Thanks for the reply.
      I can see how that would work but the referrer is the other site and lists the full url.
      If i go to this page and look at the source then there is no mention of our own site.

    • Jean-Luc


      AWStats does not lie. If it reports a 404 for page "/adult.html", it means that someone (visitor or robot) asked for
      ww w.your-site.com/adult.html

      The reason can be that someone mistyped the site name in the address bar of his browser or that a webmaster mistyped the address when creating a link to the other site.

      I have also seen a VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) mixing up several sites when "talking" to Googlebot. This only happens for sites on the same server.


  • nedra

    I know this thread is old BUT starting in February my awstats "pages not found 404 errors" has gone from 1000/month to over 12,000 with totally irrelevant pages. I can't believe that someone is typing in thousands of agriculture, mining, farming, etc on a website related to art, woodworking & crafts.

    Am I to assume from Jean-Luc's last response that because this site is on a shared server that perhaps googlebot is mixing up several sites? If that is the case would it make sense to upgrade the site to a dedicated server?