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Security issue with Awstats CGI

  • Gilad Tiram
    Gilad Tiram

    Today I reviewed my AWstats reports and found strange references from some
    websites I am not in contact with. Upon investigation I found that these
    websites use 'iframe' with size 1X1 or in the case of another website 'img'
    with size 1X1 and create reference to Awstat CGI script of some of my my

    Here is how it looks like:

    My website:

    <iframe width="1px" height="1px" style="display: none" src="[;p=2921&amp;cb=9f279766-f406 -413e-942d-1bdfbe559e42&amp;ref= ename=mainright](;p=2921&amp;cb=9f2797 66-f406-413e-942d-1bdfbe559e42&amp;ref= bin/awstats/"/> From: []( Chitarre/Ibanez/C397/0_Ibanez) My website: []( <iframe width="1px" height="1px" style="display: none" src="[;p=2921&amp;cb=f60d29f2-fd40-4433-8c44-b5b836e8db2e&amp;ref =](http://di;p=2921&amp;cb=f60d29f2-fd40-4433-8c44-b5b836e8 db2e&amp;ref= bin/awstats/"/> From: []( My website: Does someone here know or can explain what are these scripts try to do?