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  • When I access awstats with WinXP I get a blank page. WinME works ok. Any ideas?

    • Assuming that you are viewing webpages with Internet Explorer: Did you try it with any alternative browser (Firefox, Opera, etc.) on WinXP? If it's working with the alternatives, then the story is not about WinXP but about your IE setup. What version (IE awa. awstats) are you using?

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    • starshot

      Thanks for your reply,
      I'm using IE 6 in XP and IE 5.5
      Advanced Web Statistics 6.0 (build 1.704) - Created by awstats

      It may well be simply something that is enabled/disabled that is causing the problem, I've set up IE6 with the same settings as IE5.5 as near as I can. I'm not familiar with IE6 and I wonder if there is some obvious setting that would solve the problem.
      I haven't tried another browser yet.
      Cheers,starshot (I've just registered)