Update Stats

  • I have a problem with statistic update, when i enter in the statistics and click "Update" button,
    awstat update only the statistics of the current day.
    for example: if yesterday i don't have make "update" i lose the statistics of yesterday.

    see: http://www.esibirsi.it/statistiche

    anyone can help me to configure correctly?

    • Hi,

      i'm sure that the system don't delete/rename automatically the logfiles.
      I use this stats with iis 6, there is a option to be set??

    • Hi,

      most likely this is related to the fact, that your logfiles are renamed/deleted regularly.
      To get awstats updating regularly you should setup a cron/batch process that starts the update process automatically (very handy if you are on vacation and don't have the time to click on "update now").
      Have a look at this website, it's a nice and neat explanation on how to setup awstats and cronjobs for awstats:


      Best regards,