Daily stats

  • I have put together a small perl file to extract daily dynamic stats. With it you can record & see your dynamic stats on a daily basis rather than have them accumulated all into one monthly file, and makes it easier to spot trends.

    I could use some help to test and improve the script which I will post here free of charge once it is finalised.

    I am looking for a perl coder to tidy up the code and a couple of beta testers for the script. The script is for creating dynamic daily stats only though, not for daily static html pages.

    Details of the script so far:

    • Just 2kb in size
    • Works with your existing awstats.pl script
    • Creates permanent logs for each days stats
    • Requires a single change to awstats.conf file

    We have had it running on our server for a few days without problems, but we would like to check it is OK for others before releasing the code.

    Please leave message below (with an email address if possible) if you would like to help out. I will then send you the code offline. I only need three volunteers max.

    • I don't kwon perl, but i can test your script into my server.

      My e-mail is: jatubio (add 'gmail.com')

    • I'd be happy to help you out with testing, too.

      Send the code to my sourceforge address. tfranzke@users.sourceforge.net

      Best regards,


    • Me too! Let me see, how it works, pleasej
      Jones.down - AT - gmx.net

    • OK, thanks, that's enought volunteers.

      I will put together some installation notes tomorrow and mail them out with a copy of the script. It should only take about 10 minutes to install if you have already AWstats running. Our copy is still working without any problems.