mail stats question

  • Hi all

    OS is Tinysofa Classic server
    Awstats 6.2 work with the above OS, and the doc from awstats web site match the logs
    www is working
    FTP is working
    Mail, not yet

    My question is for the log file path
    on the doc site is says this
    LogFile="perl /path/to/ standard < /pathtomaillog/maillog |"

    I have put in

    or is it mean to be ?
    LogFile="perl /usr/local/awstats/tools/ standard </var/log/maillog |"

    Can any one fill me in please.


    • this is what i'm getting with /var/log/maillog

      Running '"/usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -update -configdir="/etc/awstats"' to update config
      Update for config "/etc/awstats/"
      With data in log file "/var/log/maillog"...
      Phase 1 : First bypass old records, searching new record...
      Searching new records from beginning of log file...
      Jumped lines in file: 0
      Parsed lines in file: 8
      Found 5 dropped records,
      Found 3 corrupted records,
      Found 0 old records,
      Found 0 new qualified records.


    • I got the mail stats working

      Just to let every one know, awstats 6.2 works with TinySofa Classic Server.