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Number of visits per visitor ?

  • Hello,

    is it possible (and if so can you explain) how to show the number of different visits per visitor during a month or a year with AwStats ?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Have a look at my previous post on the credibility of session durations in general. Knowing this you will find out that it is close to impossible (w/o using things like cookies, etc.) to determine whether an individual returned to your site, to visit it again.


      Best regards,


    • As you explain, I understand that it's hard to know how long a user stay to read effectively a website,
      but at least, can I try to know how many times each user reached a page (index.html of a site) ? Even if they open this page with a reload command, it doesn't matter.
      I need a stat like this :
      September 2004 :
      user1 400
      user2 123
      user3 5423


      • The question is: how to determine that the SAME user (think of the proxy problem: (large companies => one proxy => many request from different individuals within that company; think of the dynamic IP address that are used with nearly every large ISP) is opening the page again. There is no easy way of achieving what you want to, unless you

        a) Force users to login and use the %logname variable

        b) Setup a web system with cookies and safe the information in there.

        Best regards,