404s that appear to be very similar to referrer spam. suppressable?

  • I'm seeing a LARGE number of 404s on things like this:

    /nowloss.comla-mejor-forma-de-perder-peso-rapidamente.htm  3   http://www.mymadeupdomainname.com/nowloss.comla-mejor-forma-de-perder-peso-rapidamente.htm  -
    /tropicalburner.com 3   http://www.mymadeupdomainname.com/tropicalburner.com
    /dailycuration.blogspot.com 3   http://www.mymadeupdomainname.com/dailycuration.blogspot.com
    /fahrrad--hecktraeger.de    1   http://www.mymadeupdomainname.com/fahrrad--hecktraeger.de
    /simplypixels.net   1   http://www.mymadeupdomainname.com/simplypixels.net

    This looks similar to referrer spam (which I've managed to curb somewhat with the blacklist feature). Is there a way to tell awstats "hey, if you see a .(net|com)$ in the 404 and in the referrer field and it matches the referrer field, ignore it?

    Alternately is there some better way to suppress this sort of thing from displaying?

    I wonder if this is a side effect of some other attempt to disrupt the statistics, though I have to admit that this alone is disrupting my 404 stats just fine.