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Data not displayed when using command line

  • I have a feature/bug/misconfiguration question. I am quite new to awstats and perhaps have created a misconfiguration in the conf file.


    I've noticed that if I use update from the browser, I can see stats for the date the logfile points to.

    However, if I run update from command line on the same file no data is displayed for the day.

    Details follow:

    Using the following command line

    perl -config=awstats.dbc.conf -update -logfile="D:/path-to-log/u_ex100401.log"

    creates a file in my DirData folder named


    Selecting that month and year from the browser generates the URL

    which displays an awstats page that contains no data.

    If I then rename the file in the data folder from "awstats042010.txt" to "awstats042010.DBC.txt" and refresh the page, the data is displayed.

    Deleting the previous data and starting over, if I have AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser set to 1, and can therefore initiate the update from the browser, and have the Logfile set to "u_ex100401.log" the browser update creates a file named


    The browser displays this data without issue.

    So what have I mis-configured?

    OS Environment:

    Microsoft Windows Web Server 2008, Service Pack 2

    Suggestions appreciated, thanks,