a question about refering sites

  • I installed AWStats on linux (Debian) and most liked to be working fine.

    One thing I do not understand are the refering sites stats.
    For a test I put a link to my site on a website of another domain.
    After updating the stats nothing apears in my stats at refering sites.

    Can anyone explain if and what Im doing wrong?


    • The "referring sites" stats are for people who click links on external sites to access your site. So, click the link on the other site that points to your site and let the page(s) load. Then run AWStats to update the stats and then the "referring sites" section should have a link to the page on the other, external site that had the link you clicked. :)


    • For example, you may notice a google url there. If someone searched google and found your site, you'll see something in that section.

    • First thank for the replies.

      Its clear to me how it works, but why didnt anything shows up in my stats.
      The stats for 'Refering search engines' and for 'Refering sites' both give "Total: 0 different pages-url".

      The site I'm testing with a a reasonable visited site with links on several other sites refering to it.
      It can't be that these values are zero.