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Search engines not showing

  • AWStats 7.0: "Links from an Internet Search Engine" is empty, and in "Links
    from an external page (other web sites except search engines)" there is
    "http://www.google.it/url" which is Google search.
    Search Keyphrases and Search Keywords are empty too.
    I installed the extra section "Search Keywords/Phrases by Search Engine"
    showed at http://www.internetofficer.com/awstats/keywords-by-search-

    and here I can see all Keywords/Phrases for Google, Bing and Yahoo.
    What could be the problem??

  • Update: same problem with 6.95 (build 1.943).
    Tested both on Windows Server 2003 R2 with IIS and Activeperl.

  • Another important note: I upload logs from a Apache web server to the Windows
    Server 2003 machine with IIS, where I use awstats.