Is the pages-url section robot filtered?

  • Randal Savage
    Randal Savage


    I am trying to track .exe file downloads using AWStats. The Pages-URL section
    is great for seeing all pages which have been visited with viewed count, size,

    However, I am trying to specifically track the number of downloads of a
    particular .exe file on my server. The url for the .exe is listed on the Full
    List but I am wondering if the Full List viewed count includes views by robots
    and not just regular visitors.

    So my question I suppose is, does the Full URL Page automatically filter out
    robot visits? If it does not, is there a way I can filter out robot visits
    from the URL views? Also, if anyone knows of an easy way to track a specific
    .exe file download count please let me know. Thanks in advance!

  • Jean-Luc


    Robots detected by AWStats are not counted in the Pages-URL section. There
    will always be robots that mimic regular browsers that will not be detected

    Jean-Luc, AWStats Support by

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