Date selection possibility?

  • Hi there

    Is there any way I can enter a selection period for awstats reports, apart from the monthy and yearly option?

    I have to make a quarterly report and it is such a drag to have to add the three seperate months together manually.

    Any help is highly appreciated.


    • Jean-Luc


      Here is what you can do with AWStats:
      1. copy the three monthly database files to another directory
      2. temporarily make this directory the DirData directory in the AWStats config file

      For Perl (CGI) reports :
      3. also in the AWStats config file, set :
      4. select the "full year" as "Reported period" in the drop down menu

      For HTML (static) reports :
      3. create the HTML report for the quarter by selecting the -month=all option in the command line that generates the static files.


    • Thanks for the suggestions. Seems like betterawstats is worth a try!

    • Slick Willy
      Slick Willy

      Not that I know of. You could fudge one by preprocessing 2 months worth of logs to change the dates in them to month #3.
      I assume that databasebreak=month and =day aren't what you want.

    • Galen Sprague
      Galen Sprague

      You can do this with betterawstats:

      Just open the betterawstats config and enter the amount of months you want shown.