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Can't get update page oranything.

  • I've tried this somany times in somany ways but it all seems to come back to one thing. Just a page with the following on it:

    Content-type: text/html; charset= Cache-Control: public Last-Modified: Fri Oct 20 18:37:07 2006 Expires: Fri Oct 20 18:37:07 2006

    Can somebody help me out here.


  • Anonymous

    You must set AWStats UseFramesWhenCGI parameter to 0 in file awstats.conf


    OPTIONAL APPEARANCE SETUP SECTION (Not required but increase AWStats



    When you use AWStats as a CGI, you can have the reports shown in HTML


    Frames are only available for report viewed dynamically. When you build

    pages from command line, this option is not used and no frames are built.

    Possible values: 0 or 1

    Default: 1