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  • AWStats version is 6.9

  • jockee

    This was introduced in 6.9. Works fine with earlier versions.

  • mark stoughton
    mark stoughton

    %methodurl(httpd.conf LogFormat value:%r) is of the format "<method> <queryString> <protocol>". Spaces separate these values, regardless of whether you change the delimiter in httpd.conf. If you change the LogSeparator value in the awstats.conf, the code in awstats.pl wrongly assumes that the new delimiter separates the values within %methodurl.

    However, this is not the case. The delimiter remains as a space.

    The offending code. I've commented out the improper line, and replaced it beneath it:

    Special for methodurl and methodurlnoprot

                        elsif ( $f =~ /%methodurl$/ ) {
                                $pos_method = $i;
                                push @fieldlib, 'method';
                                $pos_url = $i;
                                push @fieldlib, 'url';
                                $PerlParsingFormat .=

    "\\"([^$LogSeparatorWithoutStar]+) ([^$LogSeparatorWithoutStar]+)(?: [^\\"]+|)\\"";

    "\\"([^ ]+) ([^ ]+)(?: [^\\"]+|)\\"";

  • David S.
    David S.

    I can say that this Bug still exists, in all versions up to 7.1 i think.