#928 The "Number of Visits" column on "Days of the Month" chart stopped working


I have an issue with the "Number of Visits" column from "Days of the Month" chart.

Everything seems to be working fine with the exception of this column.
suddenly it shows just "1" visit while the other stats are continuing to be captured and displayed just fine. In fact, the "page views" stat continues to climb with each update of the data, however the "Number of Visits" doesn't move. It was working all of the sudden and stopped suddenly.

Specs. I'm on a Linode (Unix) server running Debian & Apache2.

Some measures I've taken:

I have updated to the lastest build of AWstats (7.3)
I've rerun the setup and updated the AWstats data.
I've switched from Cronlog usage to a single file with no "log rotation" nor "indexing".
Restarted Apache and re-initialized Awstats.
No errors or corrupted entries have been found and all systems seem okay.

See screenshot.

Thanks in advance, if anyone can point me in the right direction.

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