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#802 Broken Graph Legend

Chris Larsen
Matthias Albus

When using graphgooglechartapi to create graphs of your data, the first Month (in "monthly history") with more than 3 characters in the HTML source code ( März in German) will only be displayed as "M" and the rest is missing, togehter with the remaining month.
See attached screenshots of the same data, one with a German browser, one with english settings. This is related to the HTML source code conaining the German "Umlaut" to display "ä":
(extract of source code for according graph frame)

I was playing arround with according variables "labellength" in but that did not work out.
But I have to confess, I am not good with perl.


  • Matthias Albus
    Matthias Albus

    Seems there is no specific "Version" field to fill out, so here is that:

    Beta version is 7.0 - 2010-05-02 17:22
    Advanced Web Statistics 7.0 (build 1.953)

  • Chris Larsen
    Chris Larsen

    Thanks Malbus, it was a problem with URL encoding of the ampersand and it looks like the Google Charts API may not support decoding a URL encoded label so it won't show the umlat. So for a quick fix, I am stripping out the ampersands and now in German it shows March as "Ma" so, it's not as good as "Marz" without the umlat but hopefully that will do for now. thanks! (change in CVS)