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#3 bad URL's when running "" as "awstats.plx"

6 days ago

I actually do not think that this is a bug, per se, but just something I noticed when trying to tweak my webserver. Perhaps the author did not intend this. Perhaps the author can consider this in a later release.

ActiveState's ActivePerl 5.60 (build 620) lets a web admin' run Perl scripts in either of two ways, as a ".pl" or as a ".plx". When I change the file name of to awstats.plx, it executes very well, the only thing that breaks in this config' is the URL's for the drill-down information, for example, the "unkown browser" secion has a link that spits out like this:

notice the "" in there. If you manually remove the additional ".pl" it works great. I am too new to Perl to know anything about what is going on in the code to have it generate this URL when it is running in "plx" mode, but if this one tiny issue was resolved, it would be perfect!

Thanks very, very much.



  • No problem. This is easy to solve. Will be in 2.23 (may be) or 2.24 (sure).