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AVR Eclipse Plugin 2.4.1 released

The 2.4.1 beta has been hanging around for a while and seems to be working alright. So what's the point in waiting? Well, one reason it took so long is that I don't know what the release procedure should be. There is no documentation about it. All I have is a Maven command (mvn clean install) and that results in a subdirectory with some JARs. The problem however is that the directory contents of the current updatesite is totally different from what my Maven command produces.

Finally I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. Here is 2.4.1

Release Notes? Hmm.I couldn't find release notes for the previous release. There is no "changelog" either. If you really want to know: do a "git log". From the top of my head:

  • support for avrdude 6.x
  • bug fixes
  • the tools path detection was tuned to avoid long delays at start up
  • tested with Eclipse Kepler
Posted by Kees Bakker 2013-12-15 Labels: Release