SVN 3.0 Log

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[r2345] (HEAD) by bidoche

useless tags (contains only avisynth.h)

2007-08-07 22:22:38 Tree
[r2344] by bidoche

Mover MessageClip filter, which depends on text rasterizing and ... in subtitle project

2007-08-07 22:17:51 Tree
[r2343] by bidoche

Corrected StreamHeader struct incorreclty using long in the frame sub-struct

2007-08-05 17:16:45 Tree
[r2342] by bidoche

Removed ChunkHeader and ListHeader from trunk (belong in branch dev_opendmlsource)

2007-08-01 20:47:54 Tree
[r2341] by bidoche

non pertinents dans cette branche

2007-08-01 20:44:33 Tree
[r2340] by bidoche
2007-08-01 20:43:59 Tree
[r2339] by bidoche

fausse manip

2007-08-01 20:42:44 Tree
[r2338] by bidoche
2007-08-01 20:42:12 Tree
[r2337] by bidoche

Initié déplacement de subtitle et ses dépendances (freetype) dans projet subtitle

2007-07-31 21:05:58 Tree
[r2336] by bidoche
2007-07-29 21:14:46 Tree
[r2335] by doursse

Delete avs3_low_parser old copy of minigui

2007-07-19 05:15:04 Tree
[r2334] by doursse

Delete avs3_dev_plugin old copy of minigui

2007-07-19 05:13:59 Tree
[r2333] by doursse

Delete avs3_block_dev old copy of minigui

2007-07-19 05:12:35 Tree
[r2332] by ianb1957

Delete unlabeled-1.1.4 branch

2007-07-18 17:19:53 Tree
[r2331] by ianb1957

Delete unlabeled-1.1.4 branch

2007-07-18 17:18:45 Tree
[r2330] by ianb1957

Delete unlabeled-1.1.4 branch

2007-07-18 17:14:30 Tree
[r2329] by ianb1957

Delete original trunk

2007-07-18 17:12:59 Tree
[r2328] by doursse


2007-05-19 12:19:20 Tree
[r2327] by doursse

* Add __attribute__ modifier check
* Add x86_64 asm files support
* Switch to Boost 1.34
* Reorganize the script

2007-05-19 12:15:15 Tree
[r2326] by doursse

update config.guess

2007-05-19 10:16:07 Tree
[r2325] by doursse

Boost 1.34 is used now :-)

2007-05-19 08:15:12 Tree
[r2324] by doursse

add m4 macro to check whether __attribute__ modifier is available

2007-05-19 08:13:46 Tree
[r2323] by doursse

remove some trailing space, update the copyright date and remove warnings in element.h

2007-05-19 06:01:17 Tree
[r2322] by doursse

Add _WIN32 guards to vfw files, even if they compile on Linux, remove trailing spaces, make some cosmetic

2007-04-05 08:11:49 Tree
[r2321] by cvs2svn

Moved to ../../../minigui/src

2007-04-04 00:00:00 Tree
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