SVN 3.0 Log

Commit Date  
[r2320] by doursse

missing error parameter. Add a dialog window on error

2007-04-03 06:44:04 Tree
[r2319] by doursse

update boost.m4

2007-04-03 06:20:47 Tree
[r2318] by paradoxheart

Updated the ebuild to check for STLport installations built against boost,
which appears to have bad interactions with AviSynth.

2007-03-18 21:24:43 Tree
[r2317] by doursse

add a dialog on error when opening a clip

2007-03-14 17:52:31 Tree
[r2316] by doursse

add gstreamer exception management

2007-03-14 17:49:43 Tree
[r2315] by doursse

Add Gstreamer specific expection

2007-03-14 17:47:57 Tree
[r2314] by doursse

[Gst] add methods to catch messages on the bus

2007-03-14 17:46:59 Tree
[r2313] by doursse

add bus and message objects, to get the error messages of the pipeline

2007-03-14 17:45:14 Tree
[r2312] by doursse

missing file in the dist rule

2007-02-10 17:31:33 Tree
[r2311] by doursse

missing ;

2007-02-08 21:38:02 Tree
[r2310] by bidoche

attempted to fix late gcc bug with template instantiation

2007-02-08 21:07:45 Tree
[r2309] by doursse

separate CPPFLAGS and CFLAGS definition. Update comment

2007-02-08 08:59:51 Tree
[r2308] by doursse

missing ;

2007-02-08 08:54:28 Tree
[r2307] by doursse

fix various problems during configuration and compilation that were in the main branch

2007-02-03 06:18:00 Tree
[r2306] by bidoche

Adapted to lowlvl::Grammar constructor change

2007-01-29 22:17:23 Tree
[r2305] by bidoche

Added code for using the new functionTable field

2007-01-29 22:13:41 Tree
[r2304] by bidoche

Added a functionTable member

2007-01-29 22:10:27 Tree
[r2303] by bidoche

Added missing include <map>

2007-01-29 22:08:35 Tree
[r2302] by doursse

add AVS3 to header guards, update copyright date, add avs_clip_new_from_message and use the error system with avs_clip_new_to_rgb32

2007-01-29 20:37:32 Tree
[r2301] by doursse

error system that allow the management of the c++ exceptions

2007-01-29 20:16:45 Tree
[r2300] by doursse

add AVS3 to header guards, update copyright date

2007-01-29 20:15:14 Tree
[r2299] by doursse

add AVS3 to header guards, update copyright date, fix export symbol var on Windows

2007-01-29 20:09:09 Tree
[r2298] by doursse

use the error system introduced in the C API. Remove temporary the auio test

2007-01-29 19:54:09 Tree
[r2297] by doursse

add YUY2 -> RGB32 conversion

2007-01-29 19:42:20 Tree
[r2296] by doursse

add pitch_get ad pad_get methods

2007-01-28 22:16:29 Tree
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