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#114 Question about legit of licensing

AviSynth 2.5
licensing (1)

It's actually not feature request, but it's only way I found to contact with developers.

There is proprietary software called "Smoth Video Project (SVP)". Its installation contains AviSynth, SVPFlow plugin, based on MVTools2 plugin, which is licensed also under GNU GPL, and several plugins (svpflow2.dll, svpflow_cpu.dll, svpflow_gpu.dll) which are licensed by own proprietary license (by the way I do not believe that they not content any GPL licensed code).

It is legit to distribute proprietary plugin by so?

I'm wondering if this plugin became Open Source, but developers aren't think so. May be we could reach it by law?

Thank you in advance.


  • Ian Brabham
    Ian Brabham

    The Avisynth that SVP ship is a modified version, so the Avisynth General Exemption does not apply to the avisynth.dll. Thus it reverts to full GPL v2.0 requirements i.e. provide source code, yada yada ... When I looked a while ago they were abiding by the GPL v2.0 and had a source code download, which I downloaded and compared with the original. They hacked the way the cache works to more suit their requirements.

    Their plugins appear to use the standard C++ API which is coverered by the Avisynth General Exemption, so they can licence their code as they see fit without any encumberance.

    As for the MVTools2 component, you will need to discuss that with Alex (Fizick), but they seem to be trying to do the right thing.

    Is there some element you believe no longer complies?