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#1 Request packet without Final bit set, Empty Name header


1. File OperationImpl.java - If the server signal with
the “Continue” response code - avetanaOBEX
implementation client send request packet without
Final bit set [1]!
2. File OBEXConnection.java - Empty Name header (Name
header of length 3 (one byte opcode + two byte length)
not implement [2]!

[1] Object Exchange Protocol Version 1.3
Chapter 3.1 (Request format), page 23
If the operation requires multiple response packets to
complete after the Final bit is set in the request (as
in the case of a GET operation returning an object
that is too big to fit in one response packet). The
server will signal this with the “Continue” response
code, telling the client that it should ask for more.
The client (requestor) should send another request
packet with the same opcode, Final bit set, and no
headers if it wishes to continue receiving the object.

[2] Object Exchange Protocol Version 1.3
Chapter 2.2.2 (Header descriptions - Name)
In some cases an empty
Name header is used to specify a particular behavior;
see the GET and SETPATH Operations. An empty
Name header is defined as a Name header of length 3
(one byte opcode + two byte length).