#11 New list of fields should be implemented

Wildrich Fourie

The new list of fields received from the NLS should be implemented in the system. This requires:

- A clean database being loaded and the Fields should be respecified.
- The data importer should be adjusted to conform to the new set of fields. In this regard it will be good to implement a type of template which can easily be inserted and specified which relates the fields present in the Termbank to the fields received in a document to be imported.
- The custom TBX specification have to be altered in order to adhere to the new fields or new field names. Here it will also be worth while to implement some sort of template system between the fields present in the Termbase and the default TBX fields.
- Synonym fields have to be created for synonym attributes. Have to think of how this will influence the current program- and data structure.


  • The new set of Fields for the TMS

  • The new fields have been inserted along with the added implementation of SubAttribute fields which is now availabel for the 'Synonym' attribute field.

    You can now also export an Import Template which could be used by the Data Importer to relate fields with different names in the import document and the TMS.

    The TBX still have to be adjusted for the new fields.

    • status: open --> closed
  • Done