Code Log

Commit Date  
[r18] (HEAD) by the

enabled drag&drop support, you can now drop files on the main window

2008-11-03 06:20:41 Tree
[r17] by the

updated ChangeLog

2008-11-02 18:48:16 Tree
[r16] by the

minor optimizations

2008-11-02 18:40:06 Tree
[r15] by the

show list with small previews after scanning, changed background color from blue to gray

2008-11-02 17:54:49 Tree
[r14] by the

first version that produces valid image files as output

2008-11-02 16:31:36 Tree
[r13] by the

changed build system to cmake, ported to Qt4 / KDE4, cleaned up unused stuff from project template

2008-11-02 07:38:06 Tree
[r12] by the

fixed thin line removal, implemented first version of border detection

2007-02-24 07:40:47 Tree
[r11] by the

show some text/status in the status bar

2007-02-11 13:16:46 Tree
[r10] by the

moved image processing to separate class, out from GUI

2007-02-11 12:38:01 Tree
[r9] by the

fixed resizing, works fine within the PreviewWidget

2007-02-11 10:03:59 Tree
[r8] by the

show hourglass cursor while processing and loading

2007-02-11 10:02:57 Tree
[r7] by the

fixed resizin issue when loading a new file, show despeckle in the preview

2007-02-06 09:23:40 Tree
[r6] by the

use transparency for the background

2007-02-06 07:57:57 Tree
[r5] by the

show dummy bitmap for closed file, repaint on file/close

2007-02-05 20:53:33 Tree
[r4] by the

found a way for removing thin lines/borders

2007-02-05 20:28:24 Tree
[r3] by the

implemented despeckle and removal of thin lines

2006-11-06 21:12:28 Tree
[r2] by the

initial checkin

2006-11-06 21:07:40 Tree
[r1] by the

created toplevel svn structure

2006-11-06 21:06:34 Tree