Hi Mateus,


the autopilot list is no longer active, today I would post questions like this to




Regarding the question itselfe I think that this is pure vector math and euler

angles or quaternions would work. As you might know the only advantage

of quaternions is that they avoid the singularity euler angles show when the

aircraft is nearly vertical (theta = 90 degrees)


DIY drones is a very active list, you will very likely find folks there who

already have developed the code you need and probably distribute it

as open source software (GPL or similar)



Have fun with your project!



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Betreff: [Autopilot] Hello... and Gyro

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Hi All...

I'm new to the list. :-)

My name is Mateus, I'm an Engineer and work with marine autopilots.

Well... I've already got a question...

I've developed a compass for use in vessels.
Ok.. at the first version I had my compass working, using Eulers' for tilt compensation (heading reference). And using my Z-axis gyro for tracking (output heading itself). (I had an 1 axis gyro)

Now I've got a version 2 board, with 3-axis gyro and I want to use it as in its best...

My doubt...

When flat "100%" of the yaw movement is on the Z-axis sensor. But when the board tilts, the yaw movement is "divided" between 2, or the 3 axis of the gyro, right? (And I can see that just looking the gyro's output.) But I'm not sure how much of "each" axis to use....

The yes/no question:

Using Quaternions is the answer for my problem?

The maybe part:
Is it possible to implement (is there a known formula) that uses Gyro's X,Y and Z, and pitch and roll (from the 3axis Acc) to do that?

Thank you all,