Status of this project ?

  • solaceten

    Is this project still alive? I see the last script update was in 2011 and plenty of comments unanswered?

    Is it time to move on from using this script?

  • Alan Parker
    Alan Parker

    I was wondering just the same thing. I was about to make some changes to the code to get it to use the xz compression format which saves HUGE amounts of space.

    I thought I'd come and visit the forums to see if anyone else had this idea. Also, to try and find out why the standard Ubuntu apt-get install uses the very old 2.5 version of automysqlbackup.

    Going back to the compression, take a look at the following outputs - even if you use bz2, the output using xz (tar -cJvf) is 15Mb smaller! Note that using high compression (-9) took a ridiculous 15 minutes to save 5Mb over the "normal" option which takes under a minute. Depends how much you want to squeeze it!

    188M Jul 30 09:36 all_db.sql
    43M Jul 30 09:38 all_db_tar.bz2
    51M Jul 30 09:39 all_db_tar.gz
    28M Jul 30 09:53 all_db_tar.xz

  • Its a great script, too bad nobody is maintaining it anymore.

  • solaceten

    Yeah, it's a good script - glad to see it's been updated since 2.5 I've just updated to latest version but need some help...

    Can you help explain how to modify the rotation schedule? I don't understand the value setting. Is that number of days or what?

    In the default config it says
    CONFIG_rotation_weekly=35 <- 35 what days? Should this be 7 ?
    CONFIG_rotation_monthly=150 <- should this be 31

    I need the following
    1 daily backup for each day mon-sun (keep each daily backup for 7 days then overwrite/delete)
    1 weekly backup (overwrite each week)
    1 monthly backup (overwrite each month)

    What should I use in the config:

    # Set rotation of daily backups. VALUE*24hours
    # If you want to keep only today's backups, you could choose 1, i.e. everything older than 24hours will be removed.
    # Set rotation for weekly backups. VALUE*24hours
    # Set rotation for monthly backups. VALUE*24hours


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