User Privs for Backup

  • I'm using MySQL 4 and i create an user to backup all databases on mysql, but only with SELECT priv the backup user does not can backup...

    I was read the documentation , but there said that to a user can backup all databases is only necessary SELECT priv.. but in my case i had to put LOCK TABLES priv do that backup user..

    without this option.. user cannot dump all databases..

    is that correct?

    • eChris

      Thanks I had the same problem and granting LOCK TABLES sorted it out. Perhaps the documentation could be updated to include this?

    • Harley

      Thnaks for posting your solution..
      I will amend the documentation in the next version.. :)

    • oldenoughdk

      I can add a wrinkle to this.  My host does not allow me to grant LOCK TABLES as an option in the software they provide for managing MySQL users, and granting all available rights did not solve the problem. 

      BUT if I created the ID as a DBA and gave it access to all the tables I needed to backup... it finally worked!

      Hurrah! And now I need something with alcohol in it.