Error message "stdin: is not a tty...


  • Anonymous

    I create a post backup script to rsync backup from local to remote server. The script was running fine, but I receive an ERRORS REPORT saying "stdin: is not a tty". How to avoid this? Thanks.

    ###My post-backup code
    rsync -avz -delete LOCAL  REMOTE

  • PittaGurneyi

    This most likely is a problem with your system, not the script. Please search the internet for solutions. I just took a look at the search results with your error report and I found a lot of known problems when using ssh.

    If you are certain, this has something to do with automysqlbackup, then please provide us with a lot more information like your system os, version, kernel, distribution, ssh?!, ssh to which system? os version kernel distribution, etc. … Also take a look at /dev and make sure for example the folder pts is properly populated and stuff like that.

    I hope this helps.