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Auto Office v0.31 Plan

The second verion is postponing over a long time.
this Version will replace the current file system with sqlite3, and the network feature will be also enabled.
Because i was busy for the patent application, its about the networking which i intended to use in Auto office, it's very exciting, right. If there isnot big bugs of version 0.31 b, after one or two months, we are able to see the special features

Posted by Yooi 2008-03-11

Auto Office V0.11b SourceCode Released

After tidying up codes, the basal version codes of Auto Office are released Today, cheers!
All of the codes are dividual to 3 modules
*! GUI
*! CON

GUI: used for creating main GUI and all the subdialog
CONF: used for i/o management(will be replaced with db at next version)
CON: used for coming message analyse, socket control, db connection control

Directory structure:
## +---bin
## +---data
## +---doc
## +---lib
## +---src
## | +---subfolder
## | +---subfolder
## | +---subfolder
## | | \---subfolder
## | \---images
## \---tmp
## +---moc
## +---obj
## \---rcc
Standard QT project struction including doc... read more

Posted by Yooi 2007-12-14

Limitation of Autof v0.11beta

As original plan, this version just uses i/o mode to manage soft information & configuration & records, i didnot encode the files, so you can open them with editor directly, as we know, efficiency of the i/o mode is lower than db / xml, or something else, it's hard to decode the file you made meanwhile it's inconvenience for maintaining and inefficient, so i didnot use losts of energy on this, in the second version, i will use db to replace i/o mode, to process all those management, the other problem is the remote way, the next version i plan to use service to replace current related module,... read more

Posted by Yooi 2007-12-05

About Auto Office v0.11 beta

Because the first version isnot perfect, so there are many restriction for useing, Please read "readme" carefully, it will help you to use it.

Posted by Yooi 2007-12-05

Auto Office V0.11b Release

Auto Office internal unstable version 0.11 beta
Auto office uses Qt Free source Edition, working environment base on Windows & Linux/Unix, Current Version is Windows Edition

the first version is basal copy, so it only can be used via internal users(domain Users, who have to belong to workgourps),
the remote server must have the same domain with the users, it because of the validate module
All of the source was coded manually
Lines: 7100 for v0.11b
C++ & Qt Free Edition & MinGW... read more

Posted by Yooi 2007-12-05

Auto Office V0.11b Plan - new

Auto office v0.11b is being tested for last stage, because of the fatal bug for the auto module, the v0.11b wont combine with auto module, it means the first version donot support automatic analysis, the Release date will be delayed for one or two days.

Posted by Yooi 2007-12-02

Auto Office V0.11b Plan

Coding is in progress, it will be completed at end of the month, The first copy will be tested in Our Team and push the code into CVS at the same; as the CMMI-L5 standard, there should be hided lots of bugs, i will try to find them out.
at December first, Auto Office V0.11b will be released, Let's keep eyes on that~

Posted by Yooi 2007-11-08