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Small Question

  • I often dynamic upload AutoAP to my Router (WHR-HP-G54)

    cat -> /tmp/autoap.sh

    and AAP works well.

    a some advice:

    1. update the autoap.htm periodically
    ### echo "<html><head><title>AutoAP Log Data</title></head><body><h2>AutoAP Log Begin:</h2>" > $errredir 2>/dev/null
        echo "<html><META HTTP-EQUIV=REFRESH CONTENT="3"><head><title>AutoAP Log Data</title></head><body><h2>AutoAP Log Begin:</h2>" > $errredir 2>/dev/null  

    2. Piece of codes
    ### aaplog 2 scanman - Found WEP network ${cSSID}. \(BSSID\: ${cBSSID},  Signal\: ${cSNR}dB\)
        aaplog 2 scanman - Found WEP network ${cSSID}. \(BSSID\: ${cBSSID},  Signal\: ${cRSSI}dB\)

  • Good suggestion.


  • Nick Golden
    Nick Golden

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Jason M
    Jason M

    I have DD-WRT running on a WRT54Gv3.1 and a WRT54GSv7.2, and both are running on svn13064. They seem to work fine with the AAP nvram variables set from the commands tab, but most of the time the /user/autoap.htm page doesn't load, and once in a while they do not connect even when there is an open AP nearby with good SNR. It's not that big a deal because I can still re-utilize open APs 95% of the time, and I absolutely love the DD-WRT & AAP for that.

    Does 13064 have AAP built-in, so I could just put the "/bin/autoap &" command, rather than use the wget method from the DD-WRT wiki article? Also, would this method have any effect on the reliability of the /user/autoap.htm page? Thanks so much for your comments, and even if it's not 100% reliable 100% of the time, AAP rocks!