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AuthPG-1.5 released

AuthPG 1.5 was released! This will be the last 1.x release and the next version will support Apache 2.0.

Thanks to our new developer, Matthew Rich, who did most of
the work for this release.

* Use autotools.
* mod_auth_pg.c: Add custom query format.
* mod_auth_pg.c: Fix from patch #825764 (tested apache 1.3.29).
* mod_auth_pg.c: Quotes for field and table names. Closed Bug #823858.

Posted by Min Sik Kim 2004-06-11

AuthPG-1.4 released

AuthPG 1.4 is released.


- Added AuthPGGroupQuery.
- AuthPGGroupQuery doesn't require AuthPGGroupTable.
- Database access errors in verifying group permission leave log messages.
- AuthPGQuery works with AuthPGVirtual.
- Fixed a bug in AuthPGCookie.

Posted by Min Sik Kim 2003-08-01

New CVS Repository

The CVS Repository for AuthPG was set up.

Posted by Min Sik Kim 2000-05-14