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Docu available

To get you started and to easily use the Auth-package you can read:

Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-03-20

PHP-Auth Version 1.1

The version 1.1 was released.
In general it is a maintance release. Some bug fixing and the examples have been added properly, also in the CVS.
Docu added - see the docu section for a documentation.

Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-03-19

PHP-Auth Version 1.0

PHP-Auth is a tomcat-like authentication system. With no need to write code in every file that requires authentication. Simply give the directories/files that shall be protected and the authentication will take place whenever required.

Finally there is a working version on Sourceforge, after struggeling a bit with it i got it. Try it and tell me your thoughts.
If anyone feels like joining the development and extending it you are welcome to join, just drop me a line.... read more

Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-02-09