Terrific distrinution

  • David Basell
    David Basell


    I have just downloaded and booted the 0.9.9 version and have to say that it is neat. Fast, clean and lost of good stuff.

    Unfortunately, I feel that it will go nowhere and has limited use unless the entire applications are in english, including error messages and program options. Too many times, I received an error message that I could not read or went searching for an option that was unrecognisable.

    Also, it would be nice to know what capabilities Austrumi has to add packages or compile sources to add in. Or add drivers, like Wifi. How, for instance, can I add a wiFi driver using ndiswrapper?

    The release notes say that there is support for debs - how does that work?


    • atang1

      Austrumi 1.2.0 has enlightenment 17 window manager for english and latvian, but separated.

      English version is supported at http://austrumi.mypunbb.com