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Aurox 11.0

New version of Aurox 11.0 - Hermes - available!
Key features:
Kernel 2.6.12
GCC 4.0.1
KDE 3.4.1 2.0
xorg 6.8.2
MPlayer 1.0pre7
GIMP 2.2.8

Posted by Karol Kozimor 2005-09-12

Aurox 10.2

New version of Aurox 10.2 - Azurite - available!
Key features of Aurox 10.2:
X server:X.Org 6.8.1
system hibernation: SWUSP 2.1.5
system kernel: kernel 2.6.9
device file system: udev 0.39
mail client: Evolution 2.0.2
desktop graphical environment: KDE 3.3.2 and Gnome 2.8.1
office suite: 1.1.2 (MS Office compatible)
multimedia player: MPlayer 1.0Pre6a, Xine 1.0.0
internet browsers: Mozilla 1.7.5, Firefox 1.0... read more

Posted by Karol Kozimor 2005-06-02

Aurox 10.1 US Beta

Aurox Lld. has published a new verion of Aurox 10.1 US Beta. It is
available for download from mirrors (the US directory):
"It offers full support for multimedia, special packages for education,
internet communicators, office application: 1.1.2 and
many apps for any purpose: Ximian Evolution, KMail, GIMP, Mozilla, Kget,
Psi, Xine, XMMS, OpenSSH... "

Posted by Karol Kozimor 2004-12-17

Aurox 10.0

Aurox 10.0 (code name: Amber) is available for download.
ISO images are numbered as 10.0.1, because package list differs from "regular" 10.0 published couple of days ago.
Changes in this release are related mainly to 'core' components of the system: kernel and hardware detection tools.

Posted by Jaroslaw Gorny 2004-10-17

Aurox 10.0 Beta1

Beta release of upcoming Aurox 10.0 is out. 4 ISO images can be found on Please report bugs on

Posted by Jaroslaw Gorny 2004-08-19

Aurox 9.4.2

This version has reduced number of packages. The whole distribution is placed on one CD. Two versions are available: German and Polish. However, it's still possible to install and use this version also in English. Read the full news on

Posted by Jaroslaw Gorny 2004-08-02

Aurox 9.4 ISO available

Since today ISO images of Aurox 9.4 are available. You can download them from one of two mirrors (third will be soon available). See details on in download section.

Posted by Jaroslaw Gorny 2004-07-08

Aurox 9.4

New languages (eg. English and Italian) are now also supported. There is now only one CD set, and CDs are now "apt-enabled". KDE 3.2.1 was included along with a lot of code from 3.2.2 and several new KDE applications. 1.1.1 with Ximian's look&feel was included. Also updated were the kernel, ALSA, and multimedia apps (mplayer, xine, xmms). Many bugs were fixed and requested features made.

Posted by Jaroslaw Gorny 2004-06-02

Aurox 9.3.1

This is a semi-version of Aurox. It is on 2 CDs, localizations other than Polish and English are missing, so we don't recommend making update if You use other language. The main purpose was to fix some bugs and update system packages. You can also update Your previous version of Aurox using yum or apt-get, because the packages are also available.

Posted by Jaroslaw Gorny 2004-04-29

Aurox 9.3 (Wind)

We are pleased to announce the availability of Aurox Linux 9.3. It is based on Fedora Core 1, and includes later updates. In Aurox you will find all the features of Fedora Core (eg. ACPI, very usefull for laptop users), and many additional things (ALSA sound system; multimedia support, including DVD, AVI, mp3; spellchecking in in German, French, Polish and Spanish; a Polish version of the installer; educational software; games; a light desktop based on Fluxbox, and many more features).

Posted by Jaroslaw Gorny 2004-04-05

Aurox Live 1.4.2

It is based on Aurox 9.3. This Live supports Polish, German, French and Spanish. You can use KDE or fluxbox as graphical environments.
This issue allows You to connect to Internet using SmartLink-compatible winmodem (eg. some Intel devices).
Other important features: acces Linux (ext2 and ext3) as well as Windows(vfat, NTFS) partitions, qtparted, multimedia applications, wine, mozilla with mozplugger.
You'll have flash plug-in in mozilla, NVidia 3D drivers(5336), support for OpenGL extension is fixed. USB keyboard is
supported as well as ACPI.... read more

Posted by Jaroslaw Gorny 2004-03-29

Aurox Live 1.4.1

The bootable distribution Aurox Live 1.4.1 (based on installable Aurox 9.3) is now available.
What will You find in Aurox Live 1.4.1: graphical environments: KDE 3.1.5 and FLUXBOX, ACPI power management (used in modern laptops), FAT32 and NTFS support; windows partitions are mounted automaticly, 1.1, Flash plug-in for Mozilla, nVidia drivers (3D acceleration), games: Tuxracer, Neverball, Glaxium, audio and video (also DVD) players, many other applications from Aurox 9.3.
You can download Aurox Live 1.4.1 from one of our mirrors.

Posted by Jaroslaw Gorny 2004-03-15

Aurox 9.2 Beta

Beta of Aurox 9.2 is now available for download! You can to get ISO images or packages separately from the tree.
In Aurox 9.2 You'll find: Gnome 2.4.1, KDE 3.1.4, fluxbox 0.1.14. We've got 1.1 with dictionaries (Polish added).
During the install You can choose "Light Desktop" -- fluxbox/mozilla-firebird/rox-filer/sylpheed.
There are several new applications added, eg. Sodipodi, Blender, Scribus, QtParted, tools for mobile phones (gnokii and gscmxx).
Please try the distro and report bugs to:

Posted by Robert Glowczynski 2003-11-24

Aurox 9.0.93 Beta released

New version of Aurox Linux (9.0.93 -- beta) is available for download.
This is beta version, and there are some troubles with XFree automated
configuration. However it can be used to upgrade from Aurox Linux 9.0.
One can also install new packages (programs). For more advanced users it
will be no problem to acomplish the whole installation process.
The main features are:
KDE in the original look&feel (no more Blue Curve),
ALSA -- added to distribution,
K3B -- great CD burning tool,
fluxbox -- small windowmanager,
apt-get, yum -- network tools for install/update packages,
apache,php,SQL -- newer versions,
and of course newer versions of nearly all other packages.... read more

Posted by Jaroslaw Gorny 2003-09-03

ISO downloads

The Aurox Team is pleased to announce that ISO images of 4 editions of Aurox Linux 9.0
are available from

Aurox 9.0 has been included with Aurox Linux magazine published in several languages. ISO images of the CDs are available for download.
Spanish: read more

Posted by Robert Glowczynski 2003-07-11