aurora released

this time some work has gone into internal cleanup thus concentrating on bugfixes and making corners round. along this a new sub-directory called helpers have formed which contain basic routines for handling test-diffs, json, yaml, xml and csv quite easily. finally all assert-methods have gone into an assert-helper allowing to write for example assert::equal ( $a, $b ).

i've also updated the testcase and signals examples to show the new api. the rest of the time i'm working on the new db-api which already can do complex selects using prepared statements thru pdo. so far i've implemented dsns for mysql, pgsql, sqlite, sqlite2, firebird, oci, mssql, sybase and dblib. but since i only have mysql and sqlite i can only test these two. anybody willing to test the others?

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-04-15