#68 Kernel version mismatch, v1.1.2, Debian woody 2.4.18-bf2.4



When I tried to build the driver, I got a complaint about a missing modversions.h file. After some fussing, I found
out about the kernel-headers package, installed the appropriate version of it, and copied modversions.h and
modsetver.h to the /usr/include/linux directory.

At this point the compile succeeds, but modprobe then fails with "...au8820.o was compiled for kernel version
2.4.18 while this kernel is 2.4.18-bf2.4".

I have almost no programming experience, and I am now 404 about what to do next. I've tried all sorts of stupid
hacks to the .h files, and the make even succeeds after some of them, but they all have the same version
mismatch. Seems like I'm learning a certain amount, but not quite enough. (Argh.)

Can anyone A) tell me why there's a version mismatch (it seems entirely unreasonable to me that this should be
occurring at all), and B) tell me how I can build a driver that can actually be installed?

TIA --
jon singer


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    I'm not sure how I cleared this problem, but I did. The only thing I'm really aware of doing is tweaking the Makefile so it no
    longer puts its changes in /etc/modules.conf -- in Debian, that's a Bozo No-No. It now modifies /etc/modutils/soundaliases and
    then runs update-modules. (This is per a suggestion from Colin Watson that I found on a list at debian.org while googling for
    info about the problem.)

    In any case, I think you can cancel this bugreport, but I do want to register my appreciation -- the info here was definitely
    helpful as I tried to understand the process.

    Cheers and thanks --