#65 RH9, 2.4.20-8 kernel, GCC 3.2.2, Montego 2 (au8830 driver)


I have a RedHat 9 system with 2.4.20-8 kernel compiled
w/ GCC 3 and TurtleBeach Montego 2 card (which uses
Vortex 2 - au8830).

I've gotten the latest source code from CVS, replaced
KERNEL(2, 5) with KERNEL(2, 4) pragmas and compiled the
driver. When I tried loading it, it gave me a failure
saying "unresolved symbol kernel_flag_cacheline". I
cheched that the function is indeed not exported in
/proc/ksyms. The function is used when CONFIG_SMP is
defined, which it was in my <linux/autoconf.h>.

I am not sure why the flag is defined. I have a
uniprocessor machine and see no indications that my
kernel is SMP-enabled (uname shows 2.4.20-8). Anyway,
I removed the flag and rebuilt. Then the module loaded
fine and my sound applications worked.

However, after a few hours of sound playback, I get a
complete system lockup! No kernel panic messages,
nothing - skreen locks, keyboard and mouse don't
respond, can't switch to a terminal screen, all remote
access daemons are down, etc etc. When I reboot, the
/var/log/messages doesn't contain any reason for
shutdown. So I think driver does something very
screwy. Tried a few times, same result. Everything is
OK without it.

Any ideas? Previously, with RedHat 7.1 everything
worked perfectly.


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    SMP issue

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