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Chris Reed
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Chris Reed

We need to add a new edit text control to use instead
of the unicode edit text control that we're stuck with
now. While the unicode edit control is fine for 95% of
cases, it is almost impossible to use in those other 5%
of cases.

The major problem with the unicode edit control is that
it always draws a border around the text, and it will
always erase the background the text is over. So it is
very difficulty, if not impossible, to use the control
in situations where you need complete control over the
view's appearance.

The new edit text control should use MLTE to implement
everything, which will make it operate just like the
unicode edit control (since it too is built around
MLTE). The control should not draw any border around
the text, and it should optionally not erase the
background. If you do choose to have it erase the
background, the colour should be specifiable, or you
should be able to provide an image (.png format like
the other controls). Also, you should be able to
specify that it use an image file to draw the focus
ring, or not at all.


  • Chris Reed
    Chris Reed

    • status: open --> closed