Hey Matt,

thanks for the welcome.

poEdit has been crashing on me constantly, so this is shaping up as a frstrating experience. I will install it on a different pc and try there.

Has anyone else had such problems?

Also, when I chose "Croatian" as poEdit's UI language, it couldn't show the Croatian characters correctly, which was quite underwhealming, for a software used for localization.



On 2/14/06, Matt Brubeck <mbrubeck@cs.hmc.edu> wrote:
Gianmario Scotti wrote:

> I'll get familiar with poEdit as soon as possible, and then get
> cracking with the translation(s).

Great!  Welcome, Gianmario and Yann.

Note to all translators:  Sorry if I have missed any messages.  If you
have any news for me that I haven't responded to yet, please send it
again to me or to the list.  Thanks!

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