hey folks.
how come the audacity letter is so full of %^$%&---..,./,><>< kinda crud all the time???
makes it really freeekin hard to read...
is it because some of us won't get with the program and dump linux for windows???
<j/k, really>
serious;y, what causes this crap and how can it be fixed???
i can barely read half of the posts anymore it seems.
crap like this, i mean, and HTML coding...
3E I recently got a new computer=2E  On my old computer=2C I have no =

=3E trouble with the drop down box which allows you to select the =

=3E source of the sound=2E
=3E =

=3E On my new computer=2C the outline of the drop down is visible=2C but =

=3E it is not active=2E  You can not click and it open to select =

=3E microphone=2C line ine etc=2E
=3E =

=3E What do I need to do=3F
=3E =