tim, that is a huge file...
the reason it is even bigger while being workd on is that it is being worked at a 32 bit floating point, or twice the fidelity of a 16 bit (cd quality) wav file.
you are crashing because you have no where near enough hard drive space...windows alone (if that's what you use) needs a couple gigs of space just to operate, and if all you have is 2 gigs, you don;t have enough hard drive space to be able to mix the file.
it isn;t an audacity issue, it's a computer issue.
you need to free up some room if you want to work with files that big, or do your work at a lower bit rate.
generally, i find a minimum requirement of about 12 gigs to be necessary to really edit work....and it's WORSE with commercial programs.
get rid of all the crap on your hard drive you don;t need, dump browser caches, defrag and reboot, and your problem should go away.
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Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 12:53:40 +0200
From: Tim Michelsen <timmichelsen@gmx-topmail.de>
Subject: [Audacity-users] Bug: Audacity crashed when doing a mixdown
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I hope this is the appropriate place.

I haven't seen any bug tracker on the web page...

Last saturday I had a track of 1 hour together with some smaller tracks
that I used to replace parts of the other track
I wanted to mix it down to one track in order to be able to export
everything to wav/mp3.

But after a 4 min. Audacity stopped working and crashed.

This happened two times and I lost my work twice.

The recover tool wasn't able to recover so I had to desist from
publishing my work.

Please also try to improve the file format audacity uses.
For a simple WAV file of 600MB it needs 1.5 GB of disk space in the
project data directory. When I save my projects Audacity always states
that it can't save because it lacks disk space even if there are still 2
GB available.

Kind regards,


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