Hi Gale,

> Can you provide examples of pages that are in active use where the
> strings are long? I don't think there are now many.

The latest .po i submitted had a few changes in strings that contain "faq_i18n". Among them, there are "big" strings.

> HTML code in the string can be replaced with %s by using printf's,
> but would that actually ease your complaint? Consider this as
> a sentence:
> Follow <a
> href="http://audacityteam.org/wiki/index.php?title=Lame_Installation#GNU.2FLinux.2FUnix_instructions">these
> instructions</a> on our <a
> href="http://audacityteam.org/wiki/">Wiki</a> to download and
> install a suitable LAME package from the internet.
> The sentence contains two URL's. There is no way to remove
> both the URL and any references to it without making four
> short, contextless strings.

I don't mind having %s in translations, because it makes it easier (for me) to have a better view (is "view" the right word?) of the translation. Sentences should be left as a whole. But like I said, if there is a "list" in html, I would split every <li> entry into a separate string.

> Unfortunately I doubt there are resources in Audacity Team to
> go through the site in one swoop and remove all cases of hardcoded
> URL's in strings. I am not translation manager (we don't have such),
> so I am definitely not going to do it, except piecemeal. If you (or
> anyone) wishes to provide a patch, please do so.

I'm no programmer myself, so I hope someone else can help with that. I'm not asking to do everything in one day... It can be done on-the-fly, when you stumble upon a string that can be improved.

Just to make it clear, i didn't want to be rude by starting this discussion. My goal was (and is) to improve and streamline the translation process.