LOL!! No secrets to the techniques. It's an old Hawaiian method called "lakkamuney"!
Seriously, I have my Fender Strat playing through a Peavey Bandit 212. This feed line out to a Rogue 4-channel PA/mixer. Also feeding the Rogue are my electronic drummer (Zoom) and my microphone via a DigiTech Vocalist Performer (harmonizer). The Rogue is lined out to a little Fostex 4-track cassette recorder. I laid down drums & rhythm on the first track, then vocal on the second. Extra rhythm guitar is added on the third track. Then I master it from the Fostex to Audacity on a laptop I have in the "studio". I save it as a project, then transfer it via a memory stick to my main PC in my office. There I add silence to the beginning and end, and put a small amount of echo over the entire mix.
Been putting some stuff together to make a CD for family, and this is my first attempt at doing it. Been a musician for around 35 years, playing mostly C&W, along with some 50's, 60's, and 70's rock. I appreciate the input, Rich!!
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Hi Dave - I'm hearing an subtle 'phase-y' or multiple-track re-recording on the vocals - almost as if there were more than one singer, each singing the same notes with the same voice.  The vocals also sound kinda distored (intentionally); the drums a bit too dynamically and rhythmically perfect.  If you're willing to share some of the techniques you used on the vocals, it would probably be educational for all of us ... and the song's certainly an oldie!
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    As long as we're on the subject......
I've been playing for many years, but VERY new to multitracking and specifically Audacity.
Oh, and I do have a thick skin lol!!

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