Ahh <slaps himself in the face>...I can't believe I didn't even look at the options/preferences!  Thanks for the quick reply!

P.S.  If the next version cost money I will definitely being buying it.  Heck it works better then the 400 dollar versions of other software!  And I bet the support teams of those doesn't respond as quickly as you did!


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Marler, James wrote:

> How can I record a vocal track while listening to the audio track?

In the Audio I/O section of the Audacity preferences, check the box labeled "Play existing tracks while recording."

This may not work with all sound hardware and drivers.  The next version of Audacity, which will be released very soon, will support full-duplex recording on more difference platforms.  If Audacity 1.0 won't play and record at the same time on your system, try our latest beta version and see if it works.