On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 7:50 PM, <gale@audacityteam.org> wrote:

> > > I did this, and the crash still appeared.  It occurs when I cut a song
> > from
> > > a track in one Audacity window and paste it into a different track in
> > > another Audacity window.  (This used to work fine in earlier versions of
> > > Audacity.)

I'll assume "SOT" is start of the track, but please state if it
means something else.

Correct.  Remember the ancient ASCII code "EOT"?

> > Do you have Snap To on (checked) in Selection Toolbar?
> >

> > Does SHIFT + UP arrow do the same as UP arrow (move the focus
> > back into the audio track)?
> Yes, but adding SHIFT makes the region of the Label Track deselect (alarm
> clocks background appears).

If you've got Sync-Lock Tracks on, and an audio track above a label
track, the Sync-Lock icon should be "on" in the label track whether
the label track is selected or not.

The single icon on the track header is.  When I click on a label, ENTER, SHIFT+UP, the label track header goes white, the label track stays grey, and the label track background behind the selected region shows a pattern of alarm clocks (until the region is deselected). 

> >Just to remind you in case it matters, if you have 1.3.x running
then launch 2.0.5, another window in 1.3.x will open. 2.0.5 won't

Don't have any old versions.

> The .bak files are definitely generated by Audacity
> itself - I have not seen a .bak file for several years (since Linux
> experiments) until these crashes started occurring.

Have you got Windows Explorer open while these mysterious .bak
files appear? Audacity should not be writing them.

 And I have it set to "show hidden files".

Do these AUP.bak files appear after a normal exit, or after a crash
or recovery?

Isn't there an AUP file without .bak extension?

Only after a crash, an aup.bak file appears (along with a normal _data folder), and there is no .aup file.  When I "Recover" the file and save it, the .bak file disappears and an .aup file appears.  If I decline to "Recover", the .bak file disappears (I think).  On at least one occasion it didn't, and I discovered I could only load it by manually removing the .bak second extension.

If you could do so, it might be useful to make a copy of any
AUP.BAK files that appear before renaming them as AUP.

To make sure you have a known 2.0.5 release, download:

and install it wherever you last installed 2.0.5 to (the installer
will show you that location). Don't reset preferences half way
through the installer.

It has lived in C:\ProgramFiles\Audacity.  Uninstall says "cannot remove all elements - these may be removed manually".  Ugh.  The only one that looks a little suspicious is Audacity.exe.-8F1CCCB9.pf in C:\Windows\Prefetch, quite large.  I erased it, just in case.
Left the .cfg file untouched.

> - I can use any 2 projects for the cut-and-undo-and-paste operations?  Or
> you want me to use the two I was working on when the last crash occurred?

Since we're trying to provoke a crash you can use the two projects
involved in the last crash just for now.


If after you recover these projects, you see a dialogue asking you
to decide what to do about missing or orphan files, save the log
and then work around or treat as silence any missing or orphan
files for this session (don't delete any files).


You could copy audacity.cfg and move the copy somewhere else
prior to opening the above two projects - but I don't think it will
be relevant.

Done.  Watch this space.  Tony