I have just begun to use Audacity, and it seems to be a fine product.  I downloaded and installed 1.0.0 yesterday successfully.
The problem is that my computer "locks up" after about 20 minutes or so of "use".  By "locks up" I mean the cursor freezes, and program then fails to respond to most all keyboard commands (in lieu of being able to point and click at that point), and the program cannot be exited normally.  By "use" I mean actively editing, recording, splitting, etc.; when I just leave the program open with a project displayed, the system does not seem to freeze - even after an hour or so.  When it freezes, the only way out is via  the CTL-ALT-DEL route, eventually shutting down the computer and rebooting.  Then all is okay again for awhile.
Also, it doesn't seem to make any difference exactly what function I happen to be performing when the freeze occurs.
My computer is a Sony GR150K laptop, with a Pentium III (about 488MHz), 384 MB RAM, running Windows 2000 Professional.  No other programs are open while running Audacity, and I haven't had any problems with any other programs freezing or crashing on this machine.
Any ideas?
Thanks for your help, in advance.
Phil Van Praag