Hi Mr. Gale Andrews
First of all, thank you for your hi-speed answer.
Let me try to expose briefly in english the question of my previous mail.
About two months ago I downlowded Audacity and my first trial recordings worked out satisfactorily. But a couple of weeks ago I tried to do new recordings and I couldn't get rid of a mechanichal background noise. First of all I used the 'noise reduction effect' but it went worse because of the voice got an extremely anti-natural distorsion. I did some checkings (using different michrophones) and proceed to download and install again the software, but without success -the noise remains.
żDo you know what can be happening and how can I solve this problem? żIs there anybody in Madrid, Spain collaborating with your company to whom can I ask for assistance?
Thank you very much for your attention.
Best regards,
nacho santos