That is just what is happening Karen.

On Jul 26, 2007, at 9:56 AM, Willis, Karen wrote:

Leah - I have seen this before myself with an imported voice recording.  When I imported it into Audacity it was all visually jammed together and when you listened to it, it went very fast.  Is this what is happening to your file?  Sorry to be late to the table with this question but I have been watching this for a couple of day and just wanted to make sure I understand what is happening to see if it is the same as what happened to my imported file.

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 What is so confounding is that I have done this once before and everything worked just fine.
My voice recorder is hooked up via a USB port.
The file is a WMA and I don't understand how Audacity could do this once and not again? What am
I doing different?
On Jul 26, 2007, at 5:49 AM, Rich wrote:

Ah.  I'm not at all familiar with iMacs, so I'm afraid someone else will have to help out here.  I don't know what DSS is, and I don't know what file format the DM-20 uses for recording.  In terms of the file size, perhaps it would be a better question if you described in some additional detail the procedure you are following for transferring the recorded lecture to your Mac, i.e., is the file you're trying to import located *directly* on the DM-20, or have you transferred a file from it to your iMac?  Or is the DM-20 connected as a removable device to your iMac via USB or FireWire?  We're definitely getting closer to solving the problem; offhand, it still strikes me as if the recording was made in a file format that Audacity does not or cannot support directly.  You'll have to specifically identify the file format the DM-20 uses, determine whether Audacity supports that format, and then investigate whether there is a conversion utility which can reformat the file into something Audacity can import.
The most important question - that of the file format of the recorded lecture, remains unanswered - and is probably the key to understanding this entire issue.  What I'm asking is whether the recording's format is MP3, WAV, MP4, AIFF, AAC, FLAC, WMA, M4A, etc., etc.

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